Booklikes-opoly: Turn #7 & Bonus Rolls


On the one hand, yay for bonus rolls! On the other hand, my body hates winter and I'm really, really achy and tired, and these porg footprints I started using and now love too much to abandon are quite tedious and fiddly to apply. But that's okay. I already gave myself permission to not accomplish any adulting today. XD


Anywho! I finished Dead Pan (244 pages) for space 4 (published in July), earning me $3.00 for the bank. Then I really tempted fate by rolling at what turned out to be after midnight, but not to worry, there were no multi-roll shenanigans until I woke up this morning to see the bonus roll announcement.


Normal turn: Roll #1: 2+6, which brought me to:



Pirate Latitudes has an ocean on the cover AND I'd love to visit Jamaica, and now's as good a time as any to lament Crichton's publisher trawling his hard drive for unpublished, unedited manuscripts after his death. On to the bonus rolls!


Bonus Roll #1: 4+5, which takes me to:



I have a bunch of books that will work for this. I'll have to see what I'm in the mood for when the time comes.


Bonus Roll #2: 5+2, which takes me to:



I have been here before! And I'm still spoiled for choice, at least in the sci-fi department. This will be another mood pick.


Bonus Roll #3: 4+2, which takes me to:

Wheel decide told me to "Move to the space of your choice." By now I'm really tired of applying those cute little footprints, so I didn't move far:



I've been here before too, but I have a book I want to read soon that fits this space. But all of these books can wait. I need a nap. @.@


Current Bank balance: $65.00