Booklikes-opoly: Turn #8


It took longer than I'd planned, but I finally finished all my books for Turn 7 and the July 4th bonus rolls. I read Pirate Latitudes for space 11 (ocean on the cover) for $3.00, Wicked Lovely for space 19 (mostly blue cover) for $3.00, The Chessmen of Mars for space 26 (sci-fi) for $3.00, and Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession for space 33 (set in the UK) for $5.00. Now for my first roll in weeks!


Roll #1: 4+6, which takes me past GO (+ $5.00! Woo!) and leaves me at:



Luckily for me, in what I'm choosing to believe was an instance of genuine precognition, I went to the library on Friday. Yay!


Current Bank balance = $84.00