Booklikes-opoly: Turn #9


The book I chose for space 6 was rather short and I devoured it for a quick $2.00. That means I got to roll again today. So without further ado, I present to you Turn #9, in which I very nearly circumnavigate the entire board.


Roll #1: 2+5, which took me to:



I adore that little Robot, so the day is starting off well! I get to pocket the card and roll again:


Roll #2: 1+6, another (lucky?) 7 takes me to:



Roll #3: 4+5, which according to Free Parking rules takes me to:



I get to pocket that card too and roll again (and I hope the Robot can keep the Cat and Dog from fighting in my pocket!).


Roll #4: 5+6 (it's not the same die rolling five every time, but now I feel like that 1+6 roll was an anomaly), which takes me past GO for $5.00 and brings me to:



And here I'll stay until I've read Flowers for Algernon (considered a classic AND frequently banned) and my good little porg has rested her feet!


Current Bank balance: $91.00