Booklikes-opoly: Turn #11


I finished I Have Lost My Way for $3.00 yesterday when it was too early to roll. Instead of tempting fate by staying up to roll after midnight, I went to bed with a magazine, and thank goodness! I might have jinxed myself when I said my last turn seemed too short. My dice and game board heard and took it as a challenge, and now I've got a serious case of déjà vu going on here.


Roll #1: 1+3, and lookie here! It's my old friend the Robot!



That's two Robots in my pocket now, but wait! There's more!


Roll #2: 5+2, and lookie here! It's my old friend Free Parking!



But wait! There's more!


Roll #3: 3+6, and lookie here! It's my old friend the Scottie Dog!



Now I've got two Dogs in my pocket! Hang on, is this Turn #9 all over again? Sure seems like it! But here's where my dice decided to stop messing with me and change things up a bit.


Roll #4: 3+2, which brings me at long last to:



I have never landed on this square before, which is pretty much the only assurance I have that I'm not reliving last Thursday. I'm in the mood for fantasy, which doesn't fit the prompt, so I think I'll be playing that Cat card that's been in my pocket forever. The poor Cat might be getting uncomfortable in there with all the Dogs and Robots.


Current Bank balance: $97.00