Better Off Wed (Annabelle Archer #1)

Better Off Wed (Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery Book 1) - Laura Durham, Laura Durham

This is a cute little cozy with an entertaining cast of characters, even if it’s almost nonsensical. It was fun to watch a wedding planner, her assistant, and her caterer ineptly fumble their way through a murder investigation, but at the same time I was never really clear on why they’d decided to play amateur sleuth. They start out vaguely declaring it’s to clear the caterer’s name, but after he’s cleared and the detective says he was never really a suspect, the gang goes on merrily investigating anyway. Because reasons, I guess. I’m awarding extra brownie points to me for correctly (and blindly with no evidence) guessing the murderer. And I’m also awarding extra brownie points to the book for hinting at romance without shoving insta-love in my face. I really appreciated that.


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