Broken Homes (Peter Grant #4)

Broken Homes  - Ben Aaronovitch

This installment of the series meanders even more than book three did, to the point where I kept forgetting about plot threads until they were picked back up and then dropped again. It weirdly reminded me of watching Star Trek: Enterprise when the show switched from an episodic format to following a season-long story arc. Suddenly, hardly anything is getting resolved, and each “episode” is ending with more questions than answers. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing yet, but I’m still entertained, so on to the next book I go!


Short, spoilery rant below:


So that thing I predicted about Lesley pretty much came to pass, with her evidently betraying Peter to join the Faceless Man, allegedly in the hope he can fix her face. There better be one hell of a twist on the way, because this descent into clichéd predictability has me doing a fair Grumpy Cat impression. I have to admit, though, that given the chance, I too would probably taser Peter in the neck.

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