24 Festive Tasks, Door 2: Japanese Culture Day, Tasks 2, 4, and Book


Task 2: Try a flavor of Kit Kat other than chocolate and report back if you liked it.


Whoever decides what flavors of KitKat the stores carry in my little town currently has a definite thing for white chocolate and mint. I don't like white chocolate and I'm allergic to mint, so my options were sadly limited. I tried the Cookie Dough Chunky KitKat. I didn't hate it, and eaten all together it did taste vaguely like there's cookie dough in it, but I ate a piece of the "dough" by itself and I have to say, whoever came up with that recipe is eating some weird-ass cookies.


Task 4: If you like Japanese food, treat yourself to a favorite dish.


Sushi and sashimi are some of my favorite Japanese foods. The closest I can get are the "sushi" rolls at one of the local fish & chip shops. They're pretty good, considering. I treated myself to a crispy calamari roll last week, and now I'm craving another one.


Book: Read a graphic novel or a book set in a school or academic setting.


I read Scrapped Princess Volume 1. (The review's for all three volumes, but if I can use the other two volumes for other tasks I will absolutely do that.)



Pictured: My yummy lunch, a questionable KitKat, a nostalgic graphic novel, and one of my Pokemon plushies because I felt like it. And also because I love how judgmental it looks. Judgy Ninetails is judging you. Judgy Ninetails is judging us all.