Not Dead Yet (Probably)

For the last month I've been alternating between super sick and super busy, so I haven't been around much. The good news is I'm not dead yet (probably). The bad news is I have hardly any time to read and post reviews and my Festive Task plans are pretty much out the window. But I'm not giving up on the Hogfather buddy read. I've been looking forward to that since this time last year and I've finally got a copy in my possession.



And while I'm here with a picture of one of my double-stacked book cubes, I'm going to use it to complete a task and pretend I meant to do it all along. So behold! As per Door 4: Guy Fawkes Night Task 4, this is how I "order" my books:


Books I've meant to read for ages stacked in front of books I've meant to read for longer ages and mixed in with books I've bought recently and books I've already read. Oh, and plushies and knick-knacks stuffed in every available cranny, partly because I never grew up and partly because I'm hoping they'll cushion the blow should a bookcase ever fall on my head.


Task completed. Woo! Feels good. XD