Star Wars: Spark of the Resistance

Spark of the Resistance - Justina Ireland

This is probably the most middle grade of all the MG Star Wars novels I’ve read to date. It’s cute, it’s fun, all the blasters are set to stun (hey, that rhymed!), but the teeth of the larger, more deadly Minfarian fauna are most definitely NOT set to stun, so there’s still a respectable body count. (RIP, dozens of nameless Stormtoopers.)


It was fun to see Rey and Poe butting heads a bit, and I’m always up for more porg content. Also, this book has about 9000% more Rose Tico than The Rise of Skywalker (the movie, not the book, which isn’t out at the time of this review), which I consider a huge benefit. Since the movies are consistently dropping the ball with their most interesting female characters, I appreciate that there are books like this to help pick up the slack.


I feel only slightly let down that the author promising murder bunnies in some of her book promo didn’t net any actual murders committed by bunnies, but this is a middle grade novel and I have to keep things in perspective. So what Disney needs to do is let Ireland write a more adult SW novel so she can REALLY deliver on the murder bunnies. That’s my takeaway. ;)