Testing, Testing

I'm messing around with settings, figuring out how this site works. I have no clue what I'm doing, but when has that ever stopped anyone? Booklikes randomly selected reviewers for me to follow, I see. Some of them I even recognize from Goodreads. That's kind of cool, kind of creepy. I didn't synch my accounts, so how did they know? O.o Ramble ramble, blah blah.


I shall now add a random picture to see if I can:




ETA: Editing to see how editing works. Took me a while to find the option. It's not the most intuitive blogger interface ever. Since starting this post and leaving it for hours as a draft (Neverwinter Online doesn't play itself, you know), I've weeded out some of the random reviewers I auto-followed and added more names I recognized from my years of lurking at Goodreads. One of them even followed me back. (Hi!) I have now officially engaged in more social interaction on Booklikes than I ever did on Goodreads. It gave me butterflies. Why am I so damn introverted? XD


Edit #2: Note to self, figure out how to add the comment box. -_-