Write Faster, Kate Morton

After The Rising - Orna Ross

After the Rising, by Orna Ross. I picked this one up because Kate Morton doesn't write fast enough (and it was free). From the description I was hoping this would be a Morton-esque "contemporary character finds herself through connecting with ancestors via letters/diaries/whatever" story. I also know little of the Easter Rising and was hoping the historical parts of the novel would have some insight to offer. The writing style was fluid enough and the historical parts were quite interesting, but I found Jo rather boring and didn't care much about her family issues and personal problems at all. By the end I was skimming Jo's story to get back to her far more interesting relatives. This is not a stand-alone novel. No real conclusions are reached at the end and the poor relatives are left hanging in the past, which is the only reason I picked up the second book in the series (which was also free).