New (to me) Old Shades

These Old Shades (Alistair, #1) - Georgette Heyer

This was my first Heyer novel. I'm a sucker for period stuff so I decided to take a chance when this came up as a Kindle Daily Deal. I wasn't disappointed. It's a little bit Austen, a little bit Orczy, and a teeny tiny bit Dumas (a la Count of Monte Cristo). It was a light, fun read and was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. There were NO surprises plot-wise; the characters and story were fairly cookie cutter in that comfortable, familiar historical romance way. Still, it's what I was in the mood for and it amply satisfied my craving for historical romance sans bodice-ripping. I would have given it four stars but for my frequent desire to throw Leonie under the wheels of a speeding carriage. I liked it so much I'll definitely be reading more from Heyer. In fact, I may have another title of hers floating around on my Kindle. I should check on that.