Classic Revisited

The Island of Dr. Moreau - H.G. Wells

Re-read in preparation for reading The Madman's Daughter. This book gave me nightmares when I first read it 20+ years ago. I'm proud to say there were no nightmares this time, despite the neighbor's cat's best efforts to convince me it was being vivisected one dark and stormy night. Nice try, kitty.


I'm glad I came back to this book. When I read it as a tween I took it at face value. It was no more than a scary story about man-made monsters looking all cute and cool and then eating the men who made them. This time around I was caught up in the ethical debate surrounding medical experimentation (still relevant today). I was fascinated by animals forced into human shape mimicking human behavior (for anyone who has owned dogs this requires no great stretch of the imagination). This book has layers. I love me some layers. I really enjoyed my second trip to The Island of Doctor Moreau. You know, now that I'm mentally mature enough to see beyond, "Poor bunnies! *gasp* He did what to the puma?!?" D=


I feel a little pretentious rating a beloved classic, but I'm going to throw 3.5 stars at it. While I have a new appreciation for it, it's still far from my favorite Wells story.