From the Bottom of My eTBR

Mozart's Sister (Ladies of History, #1) - Nancy Moser

This is one of the first Kindle titles I downloaded for free, back when I first discovered free ebooks and spent a gleeful evening downloading seventy-some-odd titles in one sitting. Like most of those numerous titles, it languished on my Kindle for ages until I rediscovered it while cataloging my freebies (which have since doubled in number) on Goodreads. It was one of those, "Oh, yeah!" moments when I remembered why it caught my eye in the first place.


I had forgotten that Mozart had a sister who was also musically inclined. Seeing this title, I remembered something a teacher had said about Mozart and his sister performing for all sorts of royalty when they were children. We all know what happened to Mozart (or at least we should - go engage in some educational and somewhat depressing Google-Fu if you don't), but what happened to his sister? The answer is: not a whole lot. But I'm a sucker for historical settings, and this period is one of my favorite literary backdrops (blame The Scarlet Pimpernel for that), and that may be all that saved this from the "meh" shelf. I liked this look at the family life of the Mozarts, though I wished more than once it was a straight-up biography rather than a fictionalized account from Nannerl's PoV. It would have gotten 3.5 stars from me, but points got deducted for slowness, incongruous use of modern phrases, and annoying overuse of ellipses and sentence fragments. Nannerl, my dear, for the love of my sanity, finish your damn sentences! >.<


I'm still wavering on whether or not to read more from this author. I don't really want to see what she thinks went on in Jane Austen's head (one can only take so many fictionalized JA bios), but her book on Martha Washington looks kind of interesting.