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Words of Radiance  - Brandon Sanderson

She couldn't afford to come off as weak. She had to control the situation, could not act like a sycophant, and she couldn't--


Adolin saw her and closed the portfolio. He stood up, grinning.


--oh, storms. That smile.


From here she goes on to ponder running her fingers through his hair and imagining what their children will look like. So, once again we have a plucky heroine being reduced to a quivering puddle of hormones by the smile of a handsome man. "Screw saving the world! I must make pretteh babies with Adolin!" -___-


One day, Sanderson. One day you will rise above your apparent limitations and write a heroine I don't start to hate as soon as she meets a pretty man. You can do it! I have (dwindling) faith!