As the Sands Through the Hourglass . . .

Dragonfly - Leigh Talbert Moore

. . . These are the (really boring) days of Anna Sanders's life.


This type of romance is not my cup of tea. The person who recommended it to me knew that. Said person is no longer allowed to recommend books to me. This wasn't their first offense, but they won't believe I can't be converted into an angsty teenage romance fan. It's not that I hated Dragonfly. I didn't. I couldn't muster enough emotion for that. I just plain didn't care. I didn't care about Anna, I didn't care about Jack, I didn't care about Julian, I didn't care about anybody. My star rating reflects my total apathy coupled with the complete lack of anything interesting happening for 90% of the book.


This is not a complete book. It's a lengthy soap opera episode with no resolution and a "to be continued" in place of an ending. Soap operas just aren't my thing. The closest I ever got to enjoying them was in Jr. High when Swan's Crossing had it's brief single-season run. I was strangely attracted to that show. (It's the reason it took me a whole season and a half to warm up to Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I kept looking at Buffy and seeing Sydney Rutledge, the mean little cow.) If Swan's Crossing had continued beyond one season, I probably wouldn't have watched it for much longer, because that was around the time that sci-fi and fantasy were replacing The Baby-Sitters Club on my bookshelves. My tastes were changing, my interests shifting, and I was starting to want more than angst-ridden romances driving my entertainment. In other words, if I had read this book when I was 13, I probably would have liked it. Especially the horny bits.


The first 90% consists primarily of miserable, horny teenagers doing miserable things to themselves and each other and generally making themselves more miserable. That's just not my brand of entertainment. The plot, when it finally limps in, is semi-interesting, but it's primarily set-up for book two and it isn't resolved, and I don't care enough to chase it in the sequels. Sorry, Anna. You'll have to hate yourself through your angsty love triangle without me. *huggles*