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THE ONLY WITNESS (The Neema Mystery Series) - Pamela Beason

Detective Marital Problems is bringing a rose to a witness interview. He's under the impression that the witness is a 12-year-old girl with the IQ of a 5-year-old.


No matter her mental status, twelve meant hormones had started to flow. He wasn't a bad-looking guy, old enough to be Romeo's father but more or less fitting the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype. Perhaps he could charm his way into this kid's heart and she'd tell him everything she knew about Ivy Rose Morgan.


I'm pretty sure the author's just setting him up as a punchline (the "girl" is the gorilla), but taking into account his previous perving on two different teenage girls, my ick meter is going up. I think I might have to change my nickname for him to Detective Pedophile. Bleh.