Curse You, Kindle Freebies

I've been sick lately with my first (and possibly second or maybe just really tenacious) cold of the winter season. Thanks to most of my energies being devoted to turning my body into a snot factory and to the various cold remedies being foisted on me by well-meaning family, I currently have the attention span of a narcoleptic goldfish.


Rather than try to read a single book in fits and starts between naps and coughing fits, I decided this would be the perfect time to start going through my Kindle freebie books, reading sample-sized portions to see if any are worth reading in full. Because I didn't bother reading samples during my download binges, I have no idea what kind of books I have (Baen freebies and public domain classics not included). If the first seventeen titles are anything to go by, I have a lot of poorly edited/formatted/written self-published drivel.


Years ago I worked for a small press as an unpaid intern. One of my jobs was to screen the slush pile. This feels an awful lot like that. This is not a good thing. Read before you buy. Lesson learned with 120 titles left to screen. Sigh. x__x