Reading progress update: I've read 14 out of 162 pages.

The End Begins: Sudden Darkness - Margot Hovley

So far I'm not impressed. The first person narrative is heavy on the telling, and at the same time doesn't give enough information. I know the heroine has a crippled foot, but I don't know which foot it is, or the extent of her disability. It stops her from dancing, but not from walking with a cane or driving tractors and pickup trucks (which in my experience are manual transmissions, so she's able to handle a clutch). I do know she's still bitter about the whole thing, ashamed of herself/her disability, and prone to driving off to sulk in private. This being Christian fiction, I'm expecting the "God loves you the way you are and gave you special talents" life lesson stuff to pop up fairly soonish.


Note to self: When the love triangle forms between the heroine, the friend-zoner, and the rising country music star, remember you called it on page four and give yourself a cookie.