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The End Begins: Sudden Darkness - Margot Hovley

I peered through my eyelashes at Zack. What would he think of our style of praying? He stood stiffly, arms at his sides. I thought how odd it must look to him that Mormons folded their arms across their chest. I'd grown up with it, so it seemed normal to me, but what would he think about it?


Zack showed no expression. At least he didn't make the sign of the cross at the amen.




Dear authors of LDS fiction,


It is actually possible to compare and contrast Mormonism with other religions without casually backhanding those other religions. Speaking as someone raised in the LDS faith, that crack about the cross really irked me. This kind of religious snobbery is completely unnecessary and undermines any positive messages you're trying to convey. Please, oh please, let this be a prelude to the heroine learning a lesson about the evils of religious snobbery.


Urgh. I'm starting to remember why I usually steer clear of LDS fiction. I can't read it without feeling mortified and wanting to tell people, "We're not all like this, I swear!" Which is, I suppose, its own form of religious snobbery. Heh. -__-