Reading progress update: I've read 70 out of 162 pages.

The End Begins: Sudden Darkness - Margot Hovley

We finally learn on page 57 that the heroine's right leg is her "good" leg. Yay for details! She continues to refer to herself as "Cripple Girl" (though it isn't consistently capitalized), and frequently bemoans to the reader how useless she is. And when a bunch of Hispanic guys show up and make her edgy, she has to examine her feelings to figure out why, because:


I prided myself on being totally free of racial prejudice and had several friends at Zillah High who belonged to minorities. It wasn't their skin color that was putting me on edge. (p. 66)


But she's said several times that Zack is her only friend, so these friends belonging to minorities only rate a mention when she needs to prove to herself she's not racist. I kind of maybe want to bop her on the head with her cane. Repeatedly. Just hard enough so it stings a bit. And I don't even feel bad about it.